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Sarnıç Premier Hotel has 3 closed and open service areas. You can enjoy our Terrace Restaurant and Bar with magnificent views over the Sea of Marmara and the Blue Mosque, outdoor music at our 70’s Cafe and Pub, or the peace and quiet of our private garden.

Teras Restaurant & Bar
Take the lift up to the top floor of Sarnıç Premier Hotel. From our Terrace Restaurant and Bar you can see the 6 minarets of the Blue Mosque and also the Sea of Marmara. Your meal, combined with the most breathtaking views will make this an unforgettable experience.

70's Restaurant & Pub
If you like the spirit of the 70’s, you should drop by the 70’s Café and Bar. This is on the ground level of our hotel. We have tables outside for you to enjoy the sunshine, or enjoy the music and drinks at our bar.

Cooking Class
While in Istanbul, why not take the time to learn some delicious Turkish recipes which you can share with your friends and family when you return home? The class is held in the hotel’s kitchen and features a local chef as instructor. During the four-hour class, you will prepare a five-course meal of traditional dishes. Recipes are provided for your keeping and the group enjoys a delicious meal of their own creation in the rooftop restaurant at the end of the session. Come with your own group or meet new people in the class. The class size, ranging from 4 to 10, allows for each person to actively participate in the food preparation.


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